Prices Rates DJ Services Fort Wayne Indiana

Miller’s Mobile Music Professional Disc Jockey Service proudly provides mobile music entertainment for weddings, parties, events and dances throughout the  greater Fort Wayne Indiana and Northeast Indiana area including: Angola, Auburn, Garrett, Lagrange, Bluffton and Huntington, Kendallville, Columbia City, Butler, Decatur, New Haven and much more! Miller’s Mobile Music will travel almost anywhere!

Is your wedding, party, dance or event a little further away? We’ve traveled as far as Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  No matter where YOUR party is, let us come to you!

You’ll find our our prices and rates for DJ services in the Fort Wayne Indiana area not only affordable and competitive, but our simple hourly pricing for DJ services is straight-forward, to help you with your event planning and entertainment budgeting.

Wedding Packages:

  • 3 Hours of DJ Services – $475
  • 4 Hours of DJ Services – $575
  • 5 Hours of DJ Services – $675
  • 6 Hours of DJ Services – $750
  • 7 Hours of DJ Services – $825

High School Dances:

  • 2 Hours of DJ Services – $325
  • 3 Hours of DJ Services – $400
  • 4 Hours of DJ Services – $450

We offer unique, hourly rate, inclusive DJ packages – This is what YOU can expect when you hire the best DJ service in the Fort Wayne area; Miller’s Mobile Music:

  • Up to 4 wireless microphones, (To make sure your announcements are heard loud and clear. Wireless technology allows the use of microphones without being anchored by a cord to the sound system and they can be easily handed to orators, speakers, and of course in weddings the best man and maid of honor will most certainly be able to give their toasts without tripping over cords).
  • 2 JBL 15 inch speakers, (Ensuring the finest sound quality possible from low to high volume, while providing intelligible speech for public address and announcements, yet with the capability of developing very loud, distortion-free sound pressure levels when appropriate for larger venues and dancing).
  • 2 Peavey 15 inch powered subwoofers, (The larger the room, the quicker bass dissipates… By incorporating subwoofers we replace the full and rich sound ambiance that the sound source originally was supposed to have, regardless of whether its announcements or music that is coming through the sound system at the time. This is not the “thump-thump you often hear coming from cars at intersection, but rather professionally matched and tuned subwoofers that add depth to any audio source and are essential to reproduce the “night-club” style deep bass associated with both dancing and musical introductions).
  • Complete lighting with 2 disco ball lights – 1 colored, up to 10 different lighting combination’s and you can pick whatever combination you would like. (No event is complete without special effects lighting to set the mood. Whether its a subtle coloring and shadow effect during slower aspects of the event, to the astonishing multi-color, dancing lighting that occurs when the primary venue lights are dimmed a bit and your guests head to the dance floor).
  • 2 Peavey mixers, (Mixers allow multiple sound source inputs to be mixed, faded and channeled through the sound system and are necessary for the various inputs at your event, such as microphones, music playback, fading from one song to the next during dancing, or interrupting the music to make an announcement or add sound effects and background music to introductions, etc. The better the mixer, the smoother the operation and the clearer the sound).
  • Professional looking 4 foot facade / sound and lighting system setup, (You’ve spent hours and hours decorating, all of your important guests are admiring your event atmosphere… The last thing you want is a cheesy looking DJ and lighting setup occupying center-stage, with wires all over the place and cheap stands holding heavy and expensive electrical equipment. Our DJ setup is both esthetically pleasing to look at and professional in design and structure).
  • Complete trussing system, (Holding all the lighting and special effects, is a professional grade trussing system. This allows us to configure and operate the lighting and effects properly, while ensuring they won’t be knocked about or fall down).
  • Your DJ will always come looking professional, wearing a shirt and tie. (We don’t take ourselves too seriously of course, but this is YOUR event. We’re serving YOU in a professional capacity. Remember your DJ will be a focal point of your guests and you certainly want your DJ to reflect the care and planning that went into your event).

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