Wedding DJ Fort Wayne Indiana

Fort Wayne Wedding DJAre YOU planning a wedding in the Fort Wayne area? What should you expect from your wedding DJ? Here are some useful Wedding Tips from Miller’s Mobile Music!

The DJ’s at Millers Mobile Music put a lot of time into making sure that your wedding night will be run as smoothly as possible.

Miller’s Mobile Music has been in business since 2000 and has recorded over 300 weddings! We know how to keep everything on time and vibrant.

What are the “next steps” if you’d like us to DJ at your wedding? Before the wedding date even happens, you will meet with your wedding disc jockey at least once and we’ll document your desires… All the activities, music and a list of things that you want for your wedding. From the song choices, to how the flow of the wedding goes and anything else that you are going to want to make your special day the way you want it to be.

Not sure what should happen or when? Miller’s Mobile Music will also give you tips on what to do at your wedding to make it a memory that will never be forgotten. Miller’s Mobile Music will go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied with everything and feel confident before the wedding even starts.

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Below you will find some of the most common questions we are asked.

  • What will your DJ be wearing? The Dj’s at Miller’s Mobile Music believe in professionalism and being on time. Miller’s Mobile Music is always on time and will never be setting up while guests are arriving. Therefore, your DJ will be always coming in a suit and tie, and looking forward to meeting the wedding party!
  • How will the DJ set up look like? Miller’s Mobile Music spends a lot of money and time making the best Disc Jockey set up that will look professional and clean, and will add a huge light set up will a lot of LED lights, great sound system with at least 1 subwoofer, 2 15 inch speakers, and a lighting and truss system that will make you think that you are in a club! Miller’s Mobile Music is always looking for the latest and best sound and lighting system to keep your wedding looking great.
  • Is your DJ fully insured? Yes, Miller’s Mobile Music is fully insured and you do not have to worry about any mishaps the night of your big day. Miller’s also brings a 2nd system with him just in case that unexpected thing happens.
  • How much music does the dj bring and do I get to pick it? Miller’s Mobile Music has radio station experience and has tons of songs to choose from on his 2 laptops. Also, you will have the ability to pick the songs that you want to hear throughout the night. It is your wedding so why shouldn’t you get to pick them!
  • How outgoing should your DJ be? Miller’s Mobile Music is very outgoing individuals who will not be the life of the party but will really get the party going in the manner that it needs to be. They will always be looking for the right song at the right time and really knows how to read a crowd very well. Just read some of the testimonials from some of the weddings that we have done and you will get an idea of how great they are!
  • What can I expect at a wedding of Miller’s Mobile Music? You can expect people having a great time, and dancing like they have never danced before! You can also expect to have the right levels of volume during your dinner music, cake cutting, and right down to the end of the night!
  • Does your DJ bring extra equipment? Yes, Miller’s Mobile Music will always bring extra equipment with them just in case something does happen at that time. They will have 2 laptops, with 4 different sets of speakers and a back-up amplifier, just in case.

Final thoughts:

Miller’s Mobile Music will put a lot of time into your wedding to make sure that it is very special. We are outgoing, fun loving, personal able, and down to earth people who love to DJ
and have a great time!

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